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Please contact the Augusta Toy and Comic Show for vendor inquiries or general questions via the contact form.

Tables are now on sale at $100 for a 6 foot table or $200 for a 8×10 booth with 2 six foot tables. Table fees are non-refundable and are at a limited availability. We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. We accept payment via PayPal or checks. Vendor setup is the June 26, 2020 . Please review our vendor contract below and if you accept these terms please contact us using the form below:

1. This form acts as a written contract between the Augusta Toy and Comic Show featuring JoeFest and the aforementioned party.

2. ATC agrees to provide vendors with a three table (booth) or table, as agreed upon the acceptance of this signed contract.

3. Vendors will have one and a half hours setup on Saturday morning June 26, 2020 and Sunday June 27, 2020. Show floor opens 9 am Saturday June 27, 2020 and 10 am Sunday June 28, 2020.

4. Vendors are required to be staffed at all times during convention hours. Breakdown is no earlier than 4 PM on Sunday June 28, 2020. Vendor agrees to vacate the convention premises by Sunday June 28, 2020 by 6:00pm.

5. No vendor/artist is to offer any pornographic materials, stolen goods or illegal items at their table. This is a “family friendly” show.

6. All merchandise displayed on your tables are considered your property and fall under your vendor contract.

7. No vendor is to block any fire exit, row, aisle or floor space to expand their displays.

8. No one is allowed to build their displays above a height of ten (10) foot. This is for safety reasons.

9. There is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed outside or near any exit or loading door near the vendor areas during the course of load-in, load-out or the show itself.

10. Contract applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis.

11. Vendor spaces will not be saved until vendor has paid in full. We reserve the right to deny vendors to ensure a broad representation of products.

12. Each 8’x10′ booth space includes three 6 foot tables. Additional tables are $100 each.

13. Show promoter will provide tables for all booth spaces, unless as discussed with vendor.

14. Booth space vendors are allowed to design and arrange your space however you’d like. You are allowed to move and/or take down any of the tables inside your booth space.

15. You and your entire party must sit within your own space. Any young children must remain with you at all times. Chairs are on a first come, first served basis.

16. No refunds.

17. ATC is not responsible for any loss or damage to vendors’ materials, goods, samples, or other property which may occur.

18. Vendors will hold ATC and the convention location harmless for any personal injury or damage to goods that may occur.

19. Violators of the terms & conditions of this agreement will be asked to cease operating their booth & forfeit fee payment. Participation in future ATC events may also be denied.

20. Vendors are not allowed to attach anything to the hotel walls or floors. Any damage caused to any hotel property (including chairs and tables as well) shall be the sole responsibility of the vendor themselves.


  • Vendor Booth spaces (Measured 8’x10′ space with three (3) table): $200 each. $100 for each additional table. Two chairs per table or booth.
  • Vendor or Artist Alley individual 6 foot tables are $100 each.
  • Vendors will receive two (2) vendor badges per booth or table.
  • Vendor Assistant Badges $5 each (limit two per booth or table)


  • One booth or Table = 2 vendor badges.
  • Two booths or Tables = 4 vendor badges.

*Note* Children 12 and under are included free of charge. Vendor must pick up a wristband for each child 12 and under at vendor registration. This wristband must be worn at all time. Children ages 13 and up must have either a vendor badge or a vendor assistant badge.

I understand and agree on all aspects of my application and hereby submit my application as an Vendor for the 2020 Augusta Toy and Comic Show featuring JoeFest.